Friday, January 21, 2011

Teen Trap

Puberty Boo: Hey Mom, I have philosophical question for you.

Mom: {apprehensive} Uh, yes Boo?

Puberty Boo: If you had to choose between the life of a really fat man and the lives of two innocent children which would you choose?

Mom: Can you elaborate, dear?

Puberty Boo: Say the kids are on a railway track and the only way to stop the train from mowing them down is to push the fat man in front in the kids.

Mom: Why not push the kids off the track instead of pushing the fat man on and so no one dies? Besides a fat man would not be enough to stop a train. Both he and the kids would get squished together.

Puberty Boo: Mom! {impatient, now} The kids are trapped on the track! They can't move! Say the fat man is sooo fat that he could indeed stop the train with his fatness annnd there is nothing else around to stop the train.

Mom: {sighs} OK, so I guess I'll have to shove the fat man in front of the train to save the innocent children then.

Puberty Boo: Then you're no better than Hitler, you know.

Mom: Whaaa...?

Puberty Boo: That was how Hitler saw the situation in Germany and how he justified genocide.

Mom: Boo, don't you have homework?

Puberty Boo: {to sister in other room} Hey, Mom is just like Hitler! {leaves room}

End of Scene

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