Sunday, March 7, 2010

Home Invasions by Stephen Harper Thwarted!

Stephen and birdish henchman
Nasty little beggar.

Steve and his gang were continuously breaking into our roof and having nightly brawls in our attic. They screeched and scratched and thumped all night long. My husband on several occasions, hauled the ladder to each side of the house to look for where they got in. But he could not ever find the breech that allowed them entrance. We endured months of their noisy nightly partying right above our bedroom. I think that we were only separated by drywall. I had nightly fears that they'd gnaw their way through and land scrapping on top of our heads! Or worse pooping on top of our heads. Well, thank goodness for sharp neighbours. Russ, the guy next door, spotted the illegals slipping under a few raised shingles on our roof and he alerted us. My husband nailed the sucker shut during the day while Stephen and Co. played outside and, finally, we we are now squirrel-free. But we must always be on our guard...Stephen is insiduously clever and will likely be back!

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